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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 31, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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jailed for 15 years by a judge at nottingham crown court. at least 90 people have been killed by a vehicle bomb, which exploded near foreign embassies in the afghan capital, kabul. 400 people were injured. nasa has unveiled plans to fly a probe directly into the atmosphere of the sun, in the closest ever visit to the star. the solar probe plus would be exposed to more heat and radiation than any spacecraft yet built. in a moment it will be time for sportsday. but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at seven, we'll be joining clive myrie live in cambridge for all the build up ahead of tonight's bbc election debate. we'll be taking that debate featuring representatives from seven political parties live here on bbc news and at nine clive will be gauging reaction to that debate with spin doctors from the parties. and at half past ten rachel cunliffe, from the political news website, reaction and owen bennett, from huffpost uk will be here to review the papers.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh woozencroft. coming up this evening: 100 million to spend and targeting the title — arsenal confirm arsene wenger‘s contract extension. we can move up to the next level. i am convinced of that. by playing in the way that we want to play football, and by supporting the players that we have already. novak djokovic has extended his stay at roland garros. there's victory for the defending champion at the french open. and how long will england last in the champions trophy? captain eoin morgan believes they can beat ‘anybody‘ ahead of the first match of the tournament. good evening, as i say,
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there's plenty to come but we start with arsenal and what could be a slightly new approach for the premier league club. the news was officially announced today that arsene wenger has signed a new two year deal, to extend his 21 years as their manager... david ornstein is at the emirates stadium for us... david, i guess that today the fans may have got more of an indication on the future of the club and they have received all season? that's right, this news emerged today that arsene wenger signed the contract. this saga has overshadowed arsenal's season. this saga has overshadowed arsenal's season. certainly until they won's saturday's fa cup final. why wasn't
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it signed? we don't really know. but we do know that from the 31st of january, arsenal lost seven of 12 matches. from then, the intensity surrounding the arsene wenger situation was so high that maybe they felt it was better to leave it until the end of the season? he has signed on for another two years and here he is, speaking to arsenal media. what is the basic dna of a club? to be to —— together to support our players and our club, and give our all, to do our best, to be at the level we want to be. we can move up to the next level, i am convinced of that. by playing football in the way that. by playing football in the way that we want to play football and supporting the players we have already. of course, we try to strengthen our squad, to be stronger next season. a very positive thinking arsene
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wenger there. it isn't only the manager who has been speaking today, is it? no, we heard from the majority shareholder, and effectively owner, stan kroenke gave his full support to arsene wenger. essentially he is decision. we have also heard from the second largest shareholder, usmanov, not as much a pa rt shareholder, usmanov, not as much a part of the setup at the club as he would like to be, he had a bid turned down. he released a statement saying he would be pleased that arsene wenger is managing for the next two years as he is one of the best coaches in europe. what is paramount importance is that he receives the full support of the board and majority shareholder. but without the right support, there remains a real risk that his legacy will be tarnished if the supporters not forthcoming, we stand ready to help and do everything that we can to deliver success on and off the field. so, usmanov is saying that he
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is ready to step in if arsenal need him. another man we have heard from todayis him. another man we have heard from today is the chief executive of arsenal. again, speaking to arsenal and giving backing to arsene wenger. his dna is the same dna as this club, driven to move forward and driven to evolve. driven to those objectives of winning. for this club, driven to those objectives of winning. forthis club, and making oui’ winning. forthis club, and making our fans proud. and, when we look at the world of football, and think about the great candidates that there are, there are many great coaching candidates. in the world, arsenal is a club that all of them would want to work for, because of the things we represent in football. when you look around and make that deep assessment, you do not find any better candidates than arsene wenger. arsenal's season has been marked by fan protests, we saw marches here at the emirates stadium and planners flown over stadiums by aeroplanes, calling for him to leave. some said
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that he should stay —— some aeroplanes. some banners flown in stadiums on both sides of the coin. fans are split, some of them in and others want them out. tim paignton revives his view... he has won the battle for power and how it is resolved is that the absent owner has flown in from the united states for the first time in 2017 and appointed his manager over the heads of the board room that we re the heads of the board room that were more sceptical. that's a worrying situation for arsenal, not good governance. split football clubs do not deliver good results, but needs to be addressed. for arsene wenger, he is once again in total control of everything at arsenal football club. in context, arsene wenger has been manager here at arsenal since 1996, winning a double in 1998 and again in 2002, making arsenal invincible by going through a league season unbeaten in
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2004, reaching the champions league final in 2006. they have won ten major trophies under his stewardship but since moving to the emirates, it has been a fairly barren spell but they have bounced back i winning free fa cups in the last four years, _by free fa cups in the last four years, —— by winning three fa cup. most notably against chelsea most recently. there is no break clause in the contract that runs until 2019 andi in the contract that runs until 2019 and i understand that if things go well and if he is still healthy, he is 67 now, he could continue beyond 2019. for now, he remains and will have two sort out the futures of key players in summer like mesut ozil and alexis sanchez and players in summer like mesut 0zil and alexis sanchez and try and sign some more players, but he will be here next season. david ornstein outside of the emirates stadium in north london, thank you. to tennis now and day 4 of the french open — both the defending champion, novak djokovic and 9—times winner rafael nadal are into round three. if andy murray is to go one better and win the title this year he will likely have to get past one
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of these two titans — and as alex gulrajani reports both men are far more comfortable on clay... roland—garros, west paris. where rafa nadal is at home. nine times the champion here, already a record. but ten? that sounds better. robin haase was clearly up against a man ona haase was clearly up against a man on a mission, as rafael nadal raced into an early lead. some struggle to stay cool in the heat but the spaniard was calm, making his opponent do all of the running. the opening two sets went by in a flurry. nadal won them both. while robin haase could not quite yet his range right... ooh! really, across the net, nadal was not letting up. a straight sets victory for the number four seed. one man he may have to beat for the tenth title is novak
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djokovic. the defending champion was also in no mood to hang around against his portuguese opponentjoao sousa. under the watchful eye of new coach andre is it, a welcome return to form for novak djokovic, as the first set was his inside of half an hour. the second went to similar way but by the third, mistakes crept into djokovic's game. enough to rattle him. unfortunately, forjoao sousa, they were few and far between, as djokovic closed in on victory. just like last year, he too looks to be at home in paris. elsewhere at rolland garros, today there was a shock in the men's singles, with home favourite jo—wilfried tsonga knocked out in the first round by argentina's renso oleevo, ranked number 91 in the world. olivo was leading two sets to one when the match was halted at 22:10 french time last night but he came back to break the ‘tsonga serve'
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and knock out the 12th seed. he's earned himself a second round match against britain's kyle edmund tomorrow. another britain in action today aljaz bedene is struggling in his second round match against the czech republic's jiri vesely. the british number three lost the opening set 6—3... bedene was broken early on in the second set. his opponent took that one as well. 6-3, his opponent took that one as well. 6—3, on serve in the third. he has it all to do if he is to stay in the this year, aljaz bedene. as you can see here, he reacted angrily, destroying his racket while the american johnson, who angrily, destroying his racket while the americanjohnson, who lost his father unexpectedly earlier this month, was left sobbing at the net. in the womens draw... two—time wimbledon champion petra kvitiva's comeback has been cut short. she's been knocked out of the french open by the american bethanie mattek—sand. kvitiva had been out for five months after being stabbed in the hand by a burglar.
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the czech lost in straight sets with her ninth double fault of the second round match. the defending champion garbine muguruza suffered a scare against the world number 99 anett kontaveit. but has made it through to round three. the fourth seed lost the first set and was a break down in the second but she fought back to take the next two sets 6—4, 6—2. muguruza will now play russia's yulia putintseva. former grand slam champion margaret court has escalated the row over her comments on homosexuality — accusing gay tennis players of influencing others. now a christian pastor, she said earlier that she refused to fly with qantas in protest at its support of same—sex marriage. today — she told an australian radio station she felt tennis was full of lesbians — and transgender children were the work of the devil. still to come on the programme... the lions arrive in new zealand
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to a traditional welcome... but they are not to be outdone... perform haka. iam perform haka. i am at the oval as england prepare to host the champions trophy, can they cope with being the favourites? studio: now, this week marks the showpiece events in european football's calendar with the champions league finals for both men and women. and there are some stellar names on show in both... tomorrow's women's final is an all—french affair as paris saint—germain take on holders lyon. sarah mulkerrins is at the cardiff city stadium for us. sarah, leon are looking for a slice of history and are helped by a newly crowned star? indeed they are. welcome to a sunny cardiff this evening. as you can see behind me, lyon and the bbc women's footballer of the year for 2017 are trailing
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behind us. that's out on the pitch. their last training session ahead of the final tomorrow night. just over 24 hours left of that ago. they had their interesting press conference. there was pressure. they got annoyed with the press conference as they had no explanation from uefa explaining why they were left in the hotel for 40 minutes. a lot of knock—on delays, they said that interestingly it would not happen in the men's event. he was impatient and eager to get onto the pitch. he is happier that he is training now with his lyon side, they are a formidable force in european women's bubble. this is their sixth final appearance, and they won the trophy three times. they could go for a record fourth if they wanted to beat paris saintjermaine behind us. —— psg. it's an all french affair.
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expected to have 20,000 people coming to see this spectacle in cardiff on thursday. a global showcase event for women's couple. sta rs showcase event for women's couple. stars from japan, the usa, france and germany, all taking to the pitch. preparation is getting well set now. sarah, thank you. . england are into the last eight of the under 20 world cup after they beat costa rica 2—1 in south korea. 19—year old everton striker ademola lookman scored both goals either side of the break, to ensure paul simpson's side progress to the quarter—finals for the first time since 1993. they'll face either mexico or senegal next monday. england will open the champions trophy tomorrow against bangladesh and they are the favourites to win the tournament. the competition is played between cricket world cups and sees the top eight teams in the world play in two groups of four before the semi finals and final.
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england are one of the world's form teams and there's hope they can end a long wait for a first fifty over trophy. patrick gearey reports from the oval. this is england's window, which ever way you look at it, as hosts and favourites this is their opening to do whatever they tried to do over 18 attem pts do whatever they tried to do over 18 attempts in 42 years. when a one—day trophy. we have been here before, not here but up the road at lord's. 1975, the first cricket world cup, w011 1975, the first cricket world cup, won on english soil by west indian skill. since then, kit, batand hairstyle has changed. the outcome hasn't, intel now, perhaps? if you are in an england net session today, you are best off keeping an eye out. these guys are specialists in big hits, and big scores. bad news for visiting bowlers and local pigeons is good


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